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Auction Bid Agent
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Auction SoftwareCan't Attend An Auction ? Create A Bid Agent!
 Auction Software
Once you have place a bid on an item, your Makatary Auction Bid Agent can take it from there. Choose from a set of simple instructions that reflect how you wish your Bid Agent to behave with your hard earned money, and then give Your Bid Agent a budget to work with.

$22,500.00 Current Bid You Are The Top Bidder ! Auction Bid Agent

Unlike other popular auction sites, we do not believe it is exciting to bid against yourself (by accident or design). A real time bid placed by you, and your bid agent will temporarily relinquish control of the bidding.

Auction SoftwareAuction Bid Agent Powered by Makatary.
Auction Software
Once you place your bid on an item, The Bid Agent Button Will Appear In The Auction Tool Bar. The behavior of your bid agent is decided by you. It is not possible to get into a bidding war with your own bid agent.

Auction Software

Auction SoftwareStep One: Select Bid Agent Behavior
Auction Software
The bid range is selected by the auction administrator. In this auction example, the minimum bid has been set at 100+ dollars to the current bid.

Auction Software

Auction SoftwareStep Two: Give Your Bid Agent A Budget
Auction Software
Simple Enough. In this example, the agent will only place bids in 100 dollar incriments. Your Bid Agent will never bid against itself. If you place an auction bid manually, your bid agent will temporarily stand down.

Auction Software

Auction SoftwareStep Three: Agree To The Auction Terms And Conditions.
Auction Software
Every auction site may have a unique set of terms and conditions.

Each Powered by Makatary auction owner will be expected to adhere to the Makatary Auction Policies and Procedures, and the Makatary Privacy Policy.

Simply Put: Be Nice. Do not harrass other bidders. If you do not want an item, do not bid on it.

Auction Software

Auction SoftwareYour Bid Agent Is On The Case !
Auction Software
Once you place your bid, your Makatary Bid Agent can take it from there. Click Onto The Bid Agent Button At Any Time Before The Auction Closes To Change Your Auction Budget And/Or Your Bid Agents Instructions.

Like a "ghost in the machine", the agent behavior can be somewhat unpredictable. Use this feature at your own risk. For more details, please review Auction Terms And Conditions.

Auction Software

Auction SoftwareAlternate Instructions For Your Agent
Auction Software
Your Bid Agent May Also Be Given Alternate Instructions.
Bid Everything, Budget Adjustments Or Deactivate Your Bid Agent At Any Time.

Auction Software

Auction Marketing SoftwareTry The Auction Bid Agent For Yourself
Auction Marketing Software For Business | Auction Software Powered By Makatary
Auction Marketing Software
The Best Way To See Our Auction Bid Agent In Action Is To Create One For Yourself Risk Free!

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